Advanced Dental Protection Can Be Provided With A Crown

Dental care is often meant to provide lasting, robust care. This is because our teeth, once damaged, can be incapable of healing themselves. Dental crowns are effective at fixing problems with a person’s smile because they can allow you to save a tooth that has been damaged by an injury, or one that has suffered a serious cavity. Full crowns cover all of your tooth above the gum line, and take on all biting and chewing pressures on its behalf. In some cases, an inlay or onlay may be better suited to helping you. This involves a less drastic change to your tooth, as these partial crowns leave some of it uncovered.

Dental Crowns Can Come In Different Sizes, And Different Material Types

Inlays, onlays, and full crowns are used in different circumstances, based on patient need. Inlays and onlays can cover damage that is too significant for support through a dental filling. A full crown can be needed after a root canal treatment, or after physical trauma.

Different materials are used to construct crowns, with your dentist recommending particular material types based on their strength, or their appearance. Metal crowns can be used to cover back teeth, which endure the most pressure. For more visible teeth, ceramic and zirconia crowns can provide support while blending in with your smile.

Preventing Problems That Make Dental Crowns Necessary

If you want to prevent dental problems that might require a crown, pay attention to your daily habits. You can reduce your risk for dental damage by addressing a habit of chewing substances like pens and ice cubes, which can cause damage. A teeth grinding habit should be brought to your dentist’s attention, particularly if you grind them at night. Better brushing and flossing, a smart diet, and regular dental checkups can help you avoid advanced cavities.

Talk To Pure Smile Dental If You Think You May Need A Dental Crown

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