What to Ask Your Dentist About Tooth Extraction

Being told that you need tooth extraction can raise a lot of questions about your dental health. You may wonder what you’ve missed in your dental hygiene routine, or whether or not tooth extraction really is your best course of action. With a focus on preserving your healthy, natural smile, your dentist will only recommend tooth extraction when it’s necessary for the good of your oral health. To help you better understand the need for it, we answer a few common questions that you should ask your dentist before undergoing tooth extraction.

Why is tooth extraction necessary?

Tooth extraction is only necessary when a tooth cannot be saved with custom restorative treatment. For instance, the most frequently extracted teeth are wisdom teeth, or third molars, which become impacted. Third molars often don’t have ample room to grow properly, and as a result, they become obstructed by the molars at the end of your dental ridge. Extracting impacted wisdom teeth is the only way to stop them from pushing against and damaging your other molars and teeth.

Do I have any alternative options?

Because wisdom teeth become impacted due to minimal room on your dental ridge, extracting them is the only solution. However, other teeth that have become severely infected or damaged may also need to be extracted so that your dentist can replace them with durable, lifelike replacements. Before suggesting extraction, your dentist will perform a comprehensive examination to determine if the tooth can be saved through restorative dentistry treatment.

How soon should I replace the tooth?

With the exception of impacted wisdom teeth, the main benefit of tooth extraction is paving the way for your dentist to restore your smile. For optimal results, your dentist can help you decide on an appropriate replacement, such as a dental implant and crown, before performing tooth extraction so that you can restore your smile as soon as possible.

Learn All You Need to Know About Tooth Extraction

Tooth extraction can be an important step in restoring and preserving your smile, but your dentist will only recommend it if absolutely necessary. To learn more about tooth extraction, schedule an appointment with your dentist by calling Pure Smile Dental in Plano, TX today at 972-517-1297.