Good Questions About Effective Children’s Dentistry

You may not remember taking your dental health too seriously as a child. But, if you’ve enjoyed a lifetime of healthy smiles without needing any significant dental treatment, then it’s likely thanks to things you learned and adhered to since an early age. As a parent, you can help your child enjoy the same benefits of excellent dental health, and your child’s dentist plays an important part. Today, we answer a few questions about effective children’s dentistry and how it can help set the stage for your child’s lifelong dental health.

When’s the best time to schedule the first appointment?

Teaching your child about good hygiene at home is important, but so is getting your child used to visiting the dentist regularly. Your child’s first appointment should be scheduled shortly after the first tooth erupts, or by the first birthday. However, you can bring your child with you to your own dental visits earlier than this so they become familiar with the office.

What happens if a baby tooth falls out too soon?

Baby teeth, or primary teeth, are designed to fall out eventually. Until they do, however, they’re necessary for your child’s bite function and the proper development of the jawbone and dental ridges. If the tooth falls out early, then the dentist can help ensure that proper development by recommending an appropriate treatment.

Why do many children’s treatments focus on cavities?

Cavities are the product of tooth decay, which is an infection that develops in healthy tooth structure as a result of excessive oral bacteria buildup. Because children are still learning to effectively control bacteria through good hygiene, many children’s dentistry treatments focus on helping them prevent tooth decay. For instance, fluoride helps strengthen tooth enamel against harmful oral bacteria, while dental sealants offer an additional barrier between tooth enamel and bacteria.

Schedule a Dentistry Appointment for Your Child

Excellent dental health for your child is equal parts education, good hygiene, and regular care at the dentist’s office. To learn more, schedule a dental appointment for your child by calling Pure Smile Dental in Plano, TX today at 972-517-1297.