Taking Care To Fully Address Your Smile Needs After A Cavity

Enjoying access to modern restorative dental care means counting on your dentist to fully address an issue with tooth decay. It also means having a restoration put in place that will keep your tooth healthy and safe, while also fitting in naturally with your smile. One of the many benefits of modern treatment is that dental fillings and dental crowns can be made to offer a close match to the texture, appearance, and color of your enamel. Your dental filling will blend in with the tooth it is meant to protect, so it will appear to still be fully intact. Your dental crown can be made from one of many material types. If the crown is in a place where it is more likely to be seen when you smile, an appearance-friendly material will make sure your looks are not altered by its presence. (more…)

Looking Forward To A Terrific Teeth Whitening Experience

If you are thinking about how you might want to do something about dull or discolored teeth, you should know that you may only see limited results from store bought products. While many individuals will turn to over the counter whitening products, or whitening toothpastes, to make big changes, their effect can only reach tooth stains. Fortunately, you do have access to care that will lead to more striking improvements. By talking to your dentist about professional teeth whitening, you can learn how to address those stains that would be left behind through store bought treatments. You can enjoy fast results from a procedure done in the office, or you can take home a professional whitening kit, and make big changes on your own! (more…)

Recognizing The Value Of General Dental Exams

How important are general dental exams in your efforts to maintain an attractive and healthy smile? To be sure, you will need to do more than just rely on professional dental care to keep your mouth free of problems like tooth decay and gum disease. Brushing and flossing regularly, and maintaining a smart diet, will be important to your goal of preventing issues. Even with this in mind, you should make a point to see your dentist regularly. The professional cleanings you receive, along with your evaluation, will help you enjoy your best possible oral health. Your visits will help you avoid cavities, and also catch – and treat – them sooner. (more…)

Are You Doing Enough For Your Smile In The Mornings?

The right morning ritual can help you face your day with confidence and energy. What kind of habits do you keep to when you wake up? Do you take time for a bigger breakfast, or eat something quick before you leave for work? Do you read or watch the news? One thing you should certainly do every morning is spend time practicing good oral care. Taking the time to clean your teeth thoroughly when you wake up will help you prevent cavities and gum disease. Of course, this is not the only choice you make in the mornings that can help or hurt your smile. Your preferred breakfast may have more effect on your teeth than you realize!  (more…)

Taking Care Of A Teeth Grinding Problem

Why should you worry about a habit of grinding your teeth? This may seem like nothing more than a common response to stress, but a tendency to clench your jaw can do real damage to your smile. Unfortunately, if your teeth grinding tends to take place while you are sleeping, you may be unsure of how to stop this from occurring. If nothing is done, you could wind up accumulating wear and tear on your teeth, and suffering real damage in the form of chips and cracks. Your dentist can recognize the signs of this problem while examining your smile during a routine dental checkup. They can also provide the appropriate care to stop this issue, and to address any harm it has done. (more…)

Experience Plano’s Artfest April 27-28

On Friday, April 27 and Saturday, April 28, you and your family can check out Plano’s Artfest event! Artfest is a two day event held in the Downtown Plano Arts District. Each year, this outdoor celebration helps celebrate art, artists, and the local creative scene. You can explore the area to see a number of modern art works, while also enjoying live music, and perusing crafts and pieces created by artisans on hand. The Artfest event is FREE to attend, and Plano families are encouraged to come out and make the most of these two fun, creativity-fueled days!  (more…)

Providing Expert Care To Meet Your Child’s Dental Needs

How can your dentist make sure your child’s dental needs are being met? In many ways, adults and children should have the same oral health concerns. That means that kids benefit from the same dental cleaning and evaluation you enjoy during a routine dental exam. However, children can require more support when it comes to learning about the importance of good oral care, and how to maintain their smiles. Your dentist can work with them to make sure they are clear on what it takes to protect themselves against cavities and gum disease. Because they are still growing and developing, your dentist is also monitoring their growth, and can provide appropriate care if an issue needs to be addressed. (more…)

Including Cosmetic Work In Plans To Address Your Smile Needs

Patients who have spent time away from the dentist’s chair may find themselves in need of care if they want to restore their smile to good condition. While many people are focused on the need to address concerns about their oral health, others may feel they need to do something about their appearance, too. You should feel comfortable discussing cosmetic dental treatment with your dentist. The quality of your smile can have a tremendous impact on your overall confidence. With the right procedure, it is possible to address problems with the color and condition of teeth. You can even address seemingly difficult issues of size, and some alignment concerns. (more…)

Valuable Tooth Protection From A Life-Like Dental Crown

What should you expect when your dentist provides you with a dental crown to protect your tooth? If you have a restoration placed, it will be responsible for absorbing biting and chewing pressures. A crown will also need to keep an infection from causing further harm to the tooth it is meant to support. This type of dental restoration is used when a tooth needs more support than a dental filling should be relied on to provide. This can be required after a dental injury, or if you have a larger cavity. Crowns are needed whenever a person undergoes a root canal treatment. (more…)

Making Smile Care Available To Patients Without Insurance

When you have no dental insurance, the idea of seeking dental care may seem out of reach. Unfortunately, many people in these circumstances leave themselves without important oral health support due to fears about the cost. Our practice can help provide dental care to patients with no insurance. If you find yourself in a situation where you need treatment, you can receive helpful guidance and support to manage the expense. We can work with you to make sure that the dental work you need is accessible, and available to you. A healthy smile can affect your confidence, and your overall well-being, and we are proud to help individuals receive the support they need. (more…)