Habitual Teeth Grinding Can Be Destructive To Your Smile

Is it possible for a frequent habit of grinding your teeth to cause issues for your dental health? If you continue to clench your jaw over time, you can cause wear and tear to accumulate. This can lead to cosmetic concerns, and you do have the potential to cause damage that requires restorative dental treatment. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to correct this habit on your own, as you may be grinding your teeth while you sleep. Your Plano, TX dentist’s office can help you address a concern that you are affected by bruxism, or a teeth grinding habit. By taking swift action in arranging an appointment, you can avoid problems that hurt your smile, and your oral health. (more…)

What Kind Of Questions Should I Ask About Porcelain Veneers?

If you keep looking at your teeth and thinking about how you would like to address certain cosmetic dental problems, you may want to bring up your interest with your Plano, TX dentist’s office. There are many different cosmetic treatments that can be provided to you, and you can be impressed by how much benefit a single procedure can offer. If you are interested in addressing several worrying issues, you may want to ask about porcelain veneers. When veneers are provided to a patient, they can have issues like discoloration, dental damage, and uneven or otherwise unsightly teeth corrected, which can lead to impressive improvements.  (more…)

3 Reasons To Make Time For Professional Dental Care

Are you doing enough to really care for your smile on a day-to-day basis? Have you dedicated enough time to brushing and flossing, and kept sugar out of your diet? These are all important considerations to make if you want to be sure you are preventing dental troubles. With that said, there is one big mistake people sometimes make, even when they are convinced they take terrific care of their smiles – they skip regular dental exams. A trip to your Plano, TX dentist for routine dental care can deliver several important benefits, and offer you crucial smile support you cannot provide yourself at home. (more…)

Improve Your Brushing Habits, And Reduce Your Cavity Risk

Your Plano, TX dentist’s office can be a valuable ally in your ongoing fight to prevent the formation of cavities. During a routine dental exam, your smile is being carefully checked for any signs of decay that need to be treated. You also receive a thorough cleaning that eliminates plaque, tartar, and any other harmful debris that might have accumulated on your teeth between appointments. That being said, you carry an important responsibility to maintain your smile’s health between visits. If you feel that your smile is not in the best shape it could be, you should pay attention to your brushing habits. If you fail to brush often enough, or if you do a poor job when you brush, you could be leaving your smile at a real disadvantage. (more…)

A Dental Bonding Treatment Can Hide Tooth Flaws

When you think about what makes a person’s smile attractive, you can bring up attributes like the brightness of their teeth, and their health. Even if it is not something people mention right away, symmetry is also important to your smile’s appearance. Of course, if you have a flawed tooth disrupting that symmetry, you can be all too aware of how important it is. Patients who are bothered by a tooth that stands out for being discolored, damaged, or otherwise out of step with the rest of their teeth can make valuable corrections with a dental bonding treatment. Dental bonding treatments make it possible to fix esthetic issues promptly. Because there is no need for a cosmetic restoration made in a lab, your dentist can address the problem in as little as one appointment! (more…)

When Should I Consider Dental Pain An Emergency?

Is dental pain only an emergency when the pain is too pronounced to ignore? How long should you put up with lingering pain before you reach a point where you need to see your dentist? While pain is often what motivates people seek emergency dental treatment, different degrees of discomfort can inspire different reactions. What you should know is that dental pain can be a sign of an injury, or of an advanced cavity. If you feel that the matter is urgent, let your dentist know. With that said, prolonged discomfort is something you should have looked at, as you could be dealing with a problem that will continue to grow worse as you leave it untreated. (more…)

What Should You Expect From Your Cavity Treatment?

If you take great care of your smile, and take advantage of professional dental checkups, you can make sure you are highly unlikely to develop a cavity. Unfortunately, many people wind up in need of cavity treatment at least once over the course of their lives. If you find yourself requiring restorative dental work, what kind of care should you expect? Can you reasonably expect your smile to remain the same after a treatment? Thanks to advanced techniques and modern dental materials, it is possible for your dentist to restore your tooth’s condition, and protect your appearance. Patients are often impressed at how durable and attractive modern dental fillings and dental crowns can be. (more…)

Take Part In The Collin Classic 2018

On Saturday, June 16, the 27th annual Collin Classic will invite cyclists from all around the Plano and DFW area to take part in their choice of invigorating biking routes. You can choose from one of five different course lengths, and enjoy a long ride that exposes you to some of the great scenery in and around Plano. Once the races have been completed, there will be a public celebration to enjoy, with live music, food, and more! The post-race events will be open to the public, so you can check it out without having to participate in a ride. This event will raise funds to benefit the Boys & Girls Clubs Of Collin County. (more…)

Finding The Right Dental Practice For The Whole Family

What makes a particular dental practice right for you, and your family members? Your age can affect your needs when it comes to dental care. For instance, pediatric dental care can place more emphasis on instruction, as kids are still developing the skills to care for their teeth. Older patients may run into problems because of natural enamel erosion, or from earlier dental health concerns. Your dentist can make sure everyone in your family’s needs are recognized, and addressed. This can make for a better experience when you come in for routine dental care. It can also make it easier to arrange that care, as you will be able to have everyone’s appointments set all under one roof! (more…)

Finding A Solution For Frustrating Teeth Stains

How can you keep your smile in great shape when it seems like stains are impossible to prevent? Even individuals who keep their teeth free of cavities can struggle to avoid a buildup of staining particles in their enamel. Your concerns can be that much greater if you have already tried a store bought whitening solution, and felt disappointed in the limited improvements made. Fortunately, your dentist can provide a superior whitening treatment that leads to remarkable changes. Professional cosmetic dental work can bring about an amazing difference in the way you look. Your dentist can help you deal with persistent teeth stains, and they can work with you to address discoloration caused by something other than those stains. (more…)