How Do Dental Bridges Work with Implants?

Everyone’s smile is unique, but they all share a few things in common. For instance, every smile looks and works best when it’s made a full set of teeth. If you lose a tooth, then the life of your smile will depend on how soon you replace it and what you replace it with. Dental bridges are the traditional answer to replacing a lost tooth, or multiple adjacent teeth, to close the gap in your smile. Today, many bridges are coupled with dental implant posts, which allow your dentist to secure your replacement teeth without the need of modified healthy teeth for support. (more…)

What to Ask Your Dentist About Tooth Extraction

Being told that you need tooth extraction can raise a lot of questions about your dental health. You may wonder what you’ve missed in your dental hygiene routine, or whether or not tooth extraction really is your best course of action. With a focus on preserving your healthy, natural smile, your dentist will only recommend tooth extraction when it’s necessary for the good of your oral health. To help you better understand the need for it, we answer a few common questions that you should ask your dentist before undergoing tooth extraction. (more…)

Why Root Canal Therapy May Be Necessary

Tooth decay (the disease that leads to cavities) can be treated in a number of different ways, depending on what stage of decay your tooth is in. Fortunately, not everyone who develops tooth decay will need root canal therapy to treat it. If your dentist catches it early enough, you may be able to successfully treat your tooth decay with a minimally invasive tooth filling. However, when root canal therapy does become necessary, it usually means that a tooth is in the grips of severe, internal decay, or is at a significantly heightened risk of developing it. (more…)

Advanced Dental Protection Can Be Provided With A Crown

Dental care is often meant to provide lasting, robust care. This is because our teeth, once damaged, can be incapable of healing themselves. Dental crowns are effective at fixing problems with a person’s smile because they can allow you to save a tooth that has been damaged by an injury, or one that has suffered a serious cavity. Full crowns cover all of your tooth above the gum line, and take on all biting and chewing pressures on its behalf. In some cases, an inlay or onlay may be better suited to helping you. This involves a less drastic change to your tooth, as these partial crowns leave some of it uncovered. (more…)

3 Things Tooth-Colored Fillings Can Do

Every dental treatment is custom-designed to address your unique needs and preferences. Yet, several of today’s advanced dental materials allow each treatment to offer several additional benefits for your long-term oral health. For instance, dental fillings are designed mainly to treat cavities that form from progressive tooth decay. Using biocompatible, tooth-colored composite resin, today’s fillings offer more secure restoration for your tooth, as well as an improvement to your smile’s overall appearance. (more…)

When Are Porcelain Veneers the Best Option?

Cosmetic dental veneers are wafer-thin shells of dental porcelain that, in many cases, can create a complete smile makeover in just one procedure. Patients who want to restore the healthy, beautiful appearance of their smiles are often surprised to learn that doing so may be much simpler than they thought with an appropriate number of custom veneers. However, before deciding if porcelain veneers are your best option, your dentist will perform a comprehensive examination to diagnose your smile’s unique concerns. (more…)

Can Bonding Fix a Chipped Tooth?

A chipped tooth can be an obvious characteristic of your smile, or it may be a slight inconvenience that isn’t visibly noticeable but can cause increasing discomfort. It depends on which tooth is chipped and how visible that tooth is when you smile. However, all chipped teeth share a few things in common, such as the need to restore the damage as soon as possible. In addition to cosmetic reasons, fixing chipped teeth helps restore proper balance to your bite, and it fortifies your tooth structure against future damage. For many people, cosmetic tooth bonding can accomplish these goals quickly and effectively, without having to alter the rest of the tooth’s structure. (more…)

Smile Brighter for the Holidays

Your smile is an expression of who you are, and during the holidays, you’re more likely to show it off as you enjoy spending time with friends and family. With professional teeth-whitening, you can restore confidence in your smile by erasing conspicuous stains that can develop naturally on the surfaces of your teeth. If you aren’t completely satisfied with the brightness and appearance of your teeth, then teeth-whitening can improve them just in time for you to smile brighter for the holidays. (more…)

Important Facts About Children’s Dentistry

Most parents know that their children need professional dental care, but still have plenty of questions when it comes to caring for their children’s teeth at home and throughout their early years. As a highly experienced family dental practice, we understand that children have their own unique set of dental needs and require a skilled, gentle dentist to address those needs. With the right personalized care, children can prepare for a lifetime of excellent dental health and care while reducing their risks of serious oral health complications in the future. (more…)

Why Grinding Your Teeth is Worrisome

Grinding your teeth is the kind of habit that you might not usually notice. However, when it happens constantly, the results can quickly become too severe to ignore. Known as bruxism, uncontrollable teeth-grinding can be a symptom of a more complex underlying dental condition, such as crooked teeth or undue stress on your jaw joints. In any case, leaving it untreated can lead to a host of subsequent complications with your dental health, and the need for extensive treatment to restore your smile. (more…)