Gentle Removal of Severely Damaged Teeth

With our various restorative treatments, we can often save even severely damaged teeth. However, in some cases, extraction may be the best option. Thanks to her skill and experience, Dr. Lo can remove damaged teeth with little impact to the surrounding gum tissue, typically resulting in less post-treatment inflammation and a shorter recovery time.

When Is Extraction Necessary?

Whenever possible, it is usually best to save a damaged tooth. However, if you are struggling with any of the following concerns, extraction may be a better solution:

  • A large crack that extends into the tooth’s root
  • Widespread infection that has affected almost all of your tooth
  • A loosened tooth due to injury or advanced gum disease
  • A severely crowded or misaligned tooth
  • An impacted wisdom tooth that will cause your surrounding teeth to become crowded

Will My Extraction Hurt?

Your tooth and gums will be numb during treatment, so you should feel very little during your procedure. Dr. Lo uses very gentle techniques when removing damaged teeth. Therefore, your extraction will not disturb your other teeth and will cause minimal impact to your gum tissue. As a result, you will experience minimal sensitivity and recovery time.

Complete Restorative Care

Before extracting a troublesome tooth, Dr. Lo will discuss your tooth replacement options. That way, she can incorporate your restorative care into your overall treatment plan. Your choices include dental bridges, implants, and dentures, depending on how many teeth need replacement. Dr. Lo will help you select the most appropriate solution, based on your oral health, cosmetic goals, and budget.

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