Tooth-Colored Dental Fillings Can Stop Decay and Save Your Smile

It is important to treat dental decay as soon as possible. Without proper care, bacteria will multiply, and the cavity will grow larger. A filling is a common restorative treatment for moderately sized cavities. We offer dental fillings made from several types of materials, including tooth-colored composite and porcelain. These materials offer numerous cosmetic and functional benefits, and can keep your smile healthy and beautiful for years to come.

Why Get a Dental Filling?

A cavity results when acid and bacteria erode your tooth, forming a small hole in the deeper layers. Bacteria will develop rapidly, and, left untreated, the cavity will grow. Eventually, it will severely weaken your tooth, affecting your tooth’s functionality and increasing your risk of further damage. Additionally, as the infection spreads, it will result in significant discomfort, and you may eventually require root canal therapy. When Dr. Lo places a filling, she will remove bacteria and damaged material. The filling itself will strengthen your tooth and restore functionality.

Choosing the Right Materials for Your Filling

Until recently, dental fillings were commonly made of silver amalgam. Today, Dr. Lo and her team offer several more lifelike options, including porcelain and composite fillings. These materials will blend with your smile, and, unlike silver amalgam, they will not show through your teeth over time. The material will also adhere to the walls of your tooth more firmly. Therefore, tooth-colored restorations can more effectively strengthen your damaged tooth.

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