Root Canal Therapy

Gentle Root Canal Therapy to Save Your Tooth

If you have an infected tooth, then you will likely experience substantial discomfort. Root canal therapy is often an effective way to ease your sensitivity and restore a severely infected tooth’s functionality. Like most patients, you will probably be surprised at how comfortable and simple the treatment can be.

Root Canal Therapy for Severe Infections

In most cases, Dr. Lo will recommend root canal therapy to treat dental infection. During the procedure, she will clean bacteria and damaged material from your tooth to prevent infection from spreading to other teeth, your gums, and your jawbone. After your tooth is bacteria-free, she will fill and seal the roots and the tooth’s cavity. Then our dental lab can craft a dental crown that will protect the treated tooth from further damage.

Will Root Canal Therapy Hurt?

In many ways, root canal therapy is comparable to receiving a dental filling. Dr. Lo will numb your tooth prior to treatment and employ advanced techniques so you will typically feel only a slight pressure during your procedure.

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